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Engstrom_Carl at Engstrom_Carl at
Sat Oct 13 15:05:02 GMT 2001

I'm getting closer by the minute....

I'm trying to get a test Windows XP workstation to login to a Samba Domain.
I have loaded and reloaded Samba.  I'm finally at version 2.2.0.  It's an
RPM that I loaded on a RedHat 7.0 Server.  My workstations can login, (win98
and win 95), but My XP system gets the following error:

The computer could not be joined to the doamin because the following error
has occured:
the account used is a computer account.  Use your global user account or
local user account to access this server.

Now I've tried using all sorts of different logins, but nothing works.

Also.  I'm having trouble with smbadduser.  It have vanished from the 2.2.0
and 2.2.1a rpms.  I tried loading the one from sources but I get errors
everytime.  I think the errors are related to the RH7.0 locations, but I'm
not quite sophisticated enough to rewrite the script to hit the right spots.

One last thing...Now that I'm running 2.2.0, I get all sorts of garbage on
the screen.  Basic nmbd errors and the like.  Is there a way to shut the
reporting off?


Carl Engstrom

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