File time with SAMBA file server for MS-clients

Christian Rothe crothe at
Thu Oct 11 01:01:06 GMT 2001

Hello everybody, I have a big problem with my SAMBA 2.2 Server.

I have Win NT/95/98 clients working with my SAMBA file server. The
problem is, that
the time of my files at the server is different, depending on the
Windows version 
of the client.


On Win95 I create the file test.bin at a server drive at 07:43 (this is
the local time and the time shown in the Win-Status bar). At the same
machine the file is
displayed in the Explorer with 06:43. The system is set to time zone
GMT+1. The
'time' command at a dos windows shows the same time like the status bar.

Now I'm looking at my SAMBA machine for the file. Here all three times
(create, accessed, modifyed) are displayed with 05:43. The 'date'
command on LINUX gives
me: Don Okt 11 05:43:36 GMT 2001, the hwclock gives me:Thu Oct 11
05:43:40 2001
-0,686679 Sekunden (the seconds are only example, not really this

Ok, now I go to my Win98 machine and see the file atest.bin with a file
time of
07:43. Time zone GMT+1. The same is on WinNT.

As result it seems to be so:
files modifyed on the server with Win98 or WinNT have create-,mod and
set to the same value.
Files modifyed on the server with Win95 clients have create- and access-
equal and the modification time is set to one hour later.

Sorry, it's difficult to explain

is there anybody with the same problems or a solution??

regards Christian

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