File time with SAMBA file server for MS-clients

Joel Hammer Joel at
Thu Oct 11 06:06:05 GMT 2001

Time problems are hard, and I certainly don't understand your problem!
But, have you set up software to synchronize all your computers?
You linux server can be a time server for windows boxes. The software is
available free.
> Hello everybody, I have a big problem with my SAMBA 2.2 Server.
> I have Win NT/95/98 clients working with my SAMBA file server. The
> problem is, that
> the time of my files at the server is different, depending on the
> Windows version 
> of the client.
> Example:
> On Win95 I create the file test.bin at a server drive at 07:43 (this is
> the local time and the time shown in the Win-Status bar). At the same
> machine the file is
> displayed in the Explorer with 06:43. The system is set to time zone
> GMT+1. The
> 'time' command at a dos windows shows the same time like the status bar.
> Now I'm looking at my SAMBA machine for the file. Here all three times
> (create, accessed, modifyed) are displayed with 05:43. The 'date'
> command on LINUX gives
> me: Don Okt 11 05:43:36 GMT 2001, the hwclock gives me:Thu Oct 11
> 05:43:40 2001
> -0,686679 Sekunden (the seconds are only example, not really this
> value).
> Ok, now I go to my Win98 machine and see the file atest.bin with a file
> time of
> 07:43. Time zone GMT+1. The same is on WinNT.
> As result it seems to be so:
> files modifyed on the server with Win98 or WinNT have create-,mod and
> accesstim
> set to the same value.
> Files modifyed on the server with Win95 clients have create- and access-
> time
> equal and the modification time is set to one hour later.
> Sorry, it's difficult to explain
> is there anybody with the same problems or a solution??
> regards Christian
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