Newbie Help ! Can't Even see the Share In Windows : (

Frisky Weasel friskyweasel at
Wed Oct 10 11:41:09 GMT 2001

Hello - 

I am about to drive myself up the wall I think : ) Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Here's my current situation:

I have these two machines: An AMD athlon running W2K SP2, and a Gateway running RH linux 7.0.  They are networked thru a 10/100 hub, and the network connection and hardware is all fine (The gateway box can also dual boot into windows, and when both machines are running windows, i can see both boxes and share files) 

I installed RedHat 7.0 from the installation CD's packaged with a Linux for Dummy's book (i feel like a dummy, so i guess it's fitting). During install, i chose to install the Samba, Samba Common, and Samba Client packages.

I've actually installed and reinstalled several times already, each time I tinkered on my own i made so many changes that it seemed easier to reinstall than try to remember how to undo what i had done : ) 

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