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Raven dmstowell at
Wed Oct 10 12:00:05 GMT 2001

On 2001.10.10 13:48 Frisky Weasel wrote:
> PS> As a side note - WHEN i do get the share happening, I don't want to
> have to manually start the daemons each time.  Most of the tutorials i've
> come across talk about editing the inetd.conf file to kick off the
> daemons automatically, but i don't HAVE that file in RH 7.0 - I'm
> assuming that identd.conf may be it's Redhat counterpart?

I can help on this part. To start the daemons, you have three choices:
1) Manually, at the beginning of each session (you said this is
unacceptable and I agree)
2) Start them dynamically. In Red Hat 7 and later, they switched from using
inetd.conf to xinetd.conf. Check the documentation on that file - things
changed a little bit.
3) Start them at boot time and keep them running. This is my preferred
option. In my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file, I have the following code (toward
the end):

	if [ -x /usr/sbin/smbd ]; then
		echo "Starting smbd..."
		smbd -D
		echo "Starting nmbd..."
		nmbd -D
On your next reboot, the daemons should be running and stay running.

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