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There is a way to do what you are atempting, but it is still going to
require that you go around to each PC and create new shares.  The C$ share
(or any other fixed drive share for that matter) is a sacred thing to NT and
the system will not allow you to mess with it (try viewing the properties on
the C: drive, going to the sharing tab, and pressing the permissions
button).  You can, however, create an additonal share for the same resource
by clicking the New Share button on the drive and giving it a name other
than C$.  I am sure this is not what you wanted to hear.


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I have my PDC server with Redhat 7.1 and Samba 2.2.1a, my workstatios 
are NT 4.0 with Service pack 6
When i try to connect to C$ in my workstations as domain administrator 
or samba administrator i have this message error:

tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

If i login into each PC as domain administrator i don`t have any 
problem. But I can`t mount the C$ share from another PC.

In my smb.conf i have this lines:

    domain admin group = @sistemas, asoler
    admin users = @sistemas, asoler

I need to go to each PC and put in Administrator list , my domain 

Are there any solution to do this, without go to each PC.

Sorry about my english.


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