incorrect password for...

Sheldon, Steven E (Steven) sesheldon at
Tue Oct 9 09:36:04 GMT 2001

Hi all.  I'm a new SAMBA users, so bear with me.

I have a share that has been previously defined.  Here are the parameters:

Share Parameters
revalidate: yes
guest account: nobody
writeable: yes
create mask: 0775
guest ok: yes
hosts allow: 135.84. 135.4
hosts deny:
browseable: yes
available: yes

When I try to Map Network Drive to an NT 4.0 machine, I see the unix
machine, click on it, I see the share, yet when I click on it it comes up
and says:

Incorrect password for:
\\{machine name}\vault


What password is it looking for?  I did not specify a user to connect as.


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