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Michael Devogelaere hoegie at
Tue Oct 9 09:07:05 GMT 2001


We've installed a samba-printserver at a customer using a large number
of Nashuatec-printers. Most of them are Optra T164, formerly known as
NRG P6025 PS3. In our setup we defined 1 user (printadmin) which manages
all printers. All printusers are mapped to guest. User printadmin installed
the printdrivers on the server and the clients download the driver during
their first connection. So far everything works fine: everybody can print
and download the drivers.
But we also need to configure the driver: some printers have extra trays or
an optional duplex module. That doesn't work: the settings aren't always
saved. We also looked at the ntdrivers.tdb-file where the 
is stored and it contains some strings containing the settings we defined
(things like 'Tray 3 500 Sheet'). But on a next update, that ntdrivers.tdb-
file simply contains pure garbage. (To make sure the ntdrivers.tdb-file is
synced, we always stop the smb-server before reading the .tdb-file).
We also found out that we can change the 'Security' in the printer-
configuration to allow _everybody_ to manage the printer. That way, 
gets the correct seetings but can also modify them. If we allow only
'Print-access' to everybody, they cannot read any setting at all.
To make sure our printserver-setup was ok, we tried with a 'simple' driver
for an hp deskjet. Printadmin can perfectly configure the printer and all
users get the correct settings. We also installed the nashuatec-drivers on
a windows 2000-server and there it works ok: printadmin can change all 
and users can read them.
Since the hp deskjet didn't have a 'security'-option like the 
we're wondering if samba doesn't (yet) support some parts of the
'printdriver'-protocol. Or is this a specific nashuatec-problem ?
We've tried samba 2.2.1a-9 (debian), 2.2.1a-4 (redhat) and the cvs of
October 9.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Michael Devogelaere.

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