Migration strategy?

Chapman, Justin T JtChapma at mail.bhi-erc.com
Tue Oct 9 08:49:02 GMT 2001

Hi there,
I just wanted to post a question to the list about migrating NT servers to
Samba-based ones.  Here on our network we have a few Samba servers in
production and they all perform absolutely great.  These servers have have
been set up to do a specific task and were created to fill a specific need,
not to replace existing NT servers.  Well now, I'm setting up a Samba based
server to replace an aging NT4 print server.  It's going to serve about 60
printers and be used by at least a few hundred people.  As you all know,
when you are replacing a production server late one night, knowing that the
change could affect hundreds of users, you kinda want everything to go
smoothly.  :)   Has anyone here had any experiences like this?  How did the
clients react to having the server switched on them?  Any gottcha's or
things that you learned along the way?  All insight is appreciated,
Justin Chapman
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