Problems connecting to Windows ME

Rob Judd rjudd at
Sun Oct 7 10:50:03 GMT 2001

I am trying to setup Samba under Linux to serve files for a network of
Windows ME boxes (it's not my fault...).  I am doing all this remotely so
I don't have access to any of the machines except for the Linux box via

I have done the following:

root at localhost:~# smbclient -L RICHARD -U richard
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=

	Sharename      Type      Comment
	---------      ----      -------
	PRINTER2       Printer   
	PRINTER$       Disk      
	PRINTER        Printer   
	MYDOCUMENTS    Disk      
	IPC$           IPC       Remote Inter Process Communication

	Server               Comment
	---------            -------
	RICHARD              Unknown User
	WWW                  Samba Server

	Workgroup            Master
	---------            -------
        BROWN                RICHARD

When I enter the password at the prompt it is accepted just fine.  But
when I try to connect to the share I get this:

root at localhost:~# smbclient //richard/MYDOCUMENTS  -U richard      
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
tree connect failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair
in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)

I have tried both encrypted and unencrypted passwords in /etc/smb.conf and
security is set to user.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot,

Rob Judd

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