Win2000 and RH 7.1 with Samba 2.0.10 or Samba 2.2.1a

Charles M Swenson chucks at
Thu Oct 4 16:15:02 GMT 2001

I have a system that can duel boot RH 6.2 and RH 7.1. When I boot RH
6.2 Samba works just fine with encrypted passwords and all (Samba
2.0.6). The Samba server shows up the the browse lists of all both the
win2000 and win98 systems.  I can get to my home directory on the RH
6.2 system via Samba and print (provided I log into the win systems
correctly). When I set this up last year I was amazed at how simple
and well it worked.

I can not get samba to work after booting RH 7.1 with Samba 2.0.10 or
Samba 2.2.1a (from Rawhide) and I have spent way too much time on the
problem. I am hopeing that I am overlooking somthing simple and some
one can help me.

The problem:

    Samba no longer shows up the network browser for the win98 system
    an I get an error for the win2000 system when I start the browser
    (Computers near me) that says:

Swenson is not accessable
The list of servers is currently not available

    All computers are set up in the workgroup "Swenson"

    I have worked through the DIAGNOSIS.txt located at and everything
    works great till I get to test 8 and I run the following (from the
    Win2000 system) which gives and error.

c:\>net view \\thidwick
System Error 53 has occured.

The nework path was not found.

    So I am told that I should fixup the nmbd installation but I have
    no idea how to do that. I really do not want to use some of the
    other proposed solutions that involves changeing the PC clients. I
    know that they are fine since they currently work with RH
    6.2. setup.

    The smb.conf file is essentally the same betwee for the 6.2 and 7.1
    systems. I just uncommented a few lines in the distributed file
    and assigned the workgroup and restricted the list of computers
    that can get in. Any Suggestions?

-Charles Swenson-

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