Record locks from linux clients

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Thu Oct 4 10:48:03 GMT 2001

 From "man smb.conf" (samba 2.2.1a). Bottom line: make your Unix clients 
mount remote Unix filesystems via NFS, not SMB.

       posix locking (S)
              The  smbd(8)  daemon  maintains an database of file
              locks obtained by SMB clients.  The default  behav­
              ior  is  to  map  this  internal  database to POSIX
              locks. This means that file locks obtained  by  SMB
              clients  are  consistent  with  those seen by POSIX
              compliant applications accessing the  files  via  a
              non-SMB  method  (e.g.  NFS  or local file access).
              You should never need to disable this parameter.

              Default: posix locking = yes

Urban Widmark wrote:

>On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Ray Nixon wrote:
>>The win98 clients send an SMBLock request and the server responds with an
>>SMBLock reply, however this doesn't occur for Linux clients.
>>Is SMBLock supported for Linux clients ?
>What type of client? If smbfs, then no.
>There are experimental kernel patches for adding locking to smbfs, but I
>can't recommend them now (as I don't even use them myself).

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