Broken pipe on ls after doing mount -t smbfs

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Thu Oct 4 01:28:03 GMT 2001

I have a problem with smbmount.

I have a linux server running E-Smith (or Mitel SME server as it is now) which
is basically a cut down version of RedHat 7.0 (running Kernel 2.2.19-7.0.8smp).
Samba version is 2.0.10. We are connecting to an NT server (service pack 3 - I
must upgrade that sometime soon).

We have quite a good tapedrive and backup software (3rd party) on the E-Smith
server, whereas the NT server has a poor tapedrive and hard to use backup
software.  I was planning to backup the NT server as part of the daily backup of
the E-Smith server.

# mount -t smbfs //<ntsrever>/<sharename> <mountpoint> -o

works fine - for a while.

Go away for a while (I have not timed this, but less than 15 minutes).
# cd to <mountpoint>.
# ls
ls: broken pipe
or sometimes
ls: input/output error
or sometimes

Linux still thinks the shares are mounted.
# mount
//<ntserver>/<sharename> on //E-smith/<mountpoint> type smbfs (0)

However, trying to unmount gives
# umount //E-smith/<mountpoint>
umount: //<ntserver>/<sharename>: not found
umount: //E-smith/<mountpoint>: not mounted

It would seem that the smbmount is being dropped for some reason, and this info
is not being passed back to mount.

I would like the smbfs mount to be persistent.

Is there some configuration that I am unaware of?  Do I need to put "keepalive =
60" in /etc/smb.conf?  Is this even relevant for smbmount?  Or is this an actual

Actually, this looks like it may be the same problem that Giovanni is having.

Any help would be greatly apprecitated.



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