Broken pipe on ls after doing mount -t smbfs

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Oct 4 10:03:03 GMT 2001

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:

> I have a linux server running E-Smith (or Mitel SME server as it is now) which
> is basically a cut down version of RedHat 7.0 (running Kernel 2.2.19-7.0.8smp).
> Samba version is 2.0.10. We are connecting to an NT server (service pack 3 - I
> must upgrade that sometime soon).

2.0.10 from RedHat or compiled yourself?

There are known problems that are fixed in samba 2.2.0 (but probably also
in smbmount from "RH-samba"). Kernel 2.4.x has some fixes related to 
smbmount and reconnecting.

Upgrading could solve this, or with samba 2.2.0 allow for logging of 
smbmount activity to smbmount.log (whatever 'log file' points to, must be 
writable by the user running smbmount, debug=4 can be added to the 
smbmount options list).

> works fine - for a while.
> Go away for a while (I have not timed this, but less than 15 minutes).
> # cd to <mountpoint>.
> # ls
> ls: broken pipe
> or sometimes
> ls: input/output error

You can change the time before NT disconnects an idle client:
-1 to 65535 minutes (?)

Or you could use a cronjob to cause some activity on the share every 5
minutes or so.

> Linux still thinks the shares are mounted.
> # mount
> //<ntserver>/<sharename> on //E-smith/<mountpoint> type smbfs (0)

mount just echo'es what is in /etc/mtab. 'cat /proc/mounts' shows what is
actually mounted.


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