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Hi Anthony,
There are a couple of issues with wins and 2.2.x (in fact they existed with
2.0.x as well):
1. If, at the time that samba attemts to re-register with the wins server,
the connection is 
down, then it will NEVER try to re-register again; stopping the netbios
daemon (nmbd) and 
restarting it (when a connection to the wins server can be made) will get
this working again;
a fix to this has been proposed, and is expected in the 2.2.2 release.
2. if you have 2 network cards on the same subnet in your samba server, only
the 1st ip address
will be registered with the wins server.  This has been addressed in 2.2.1a.

I apologize, I did not see your original message, so this information may
have nothing to
do with your specific issue.

For cross domain browsing, there are a NUMBER of things that you must
ensure.  There is a 
good article on the issues involved in cross-domain/cross-subnet browsing
and wins that you might want to take a look at:

q120151 (ms q-article) at:

also the chapter on browsing in "Using Samba":

is good.

Hope this helps,

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Does anyone know of problems when attempting to use Samba 2.2.0 for WINS?

We have been experiencing problems with cross domain browsing, and I am not 
certain how to troubleshoot problems. I posted a message a couple days ago 
with details but haven't seen any response.

Thanks in advance!


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