oplock errors and frozen programs.

Ståle Kristoffersen chiller at chiller.be
Mon Oct 1 17:10:08 GMT 2001

Hi :)
I have a FreeBSD (4.4-STABLE) "FileServer" and a windows 2000 client
hooked up trough a unex switch. both computers have Intel network cards
(Since they tend to work well :)

The windows 2000 computer stores most of its "stuff", ie games, movies,
music, on an samba-share. I had no problems with this setup what so ever
until a few weeks ago. Suddenly the mp3 that I listened to stopped, and
my ftp program froze (It was saving the file to the samba share). And I
got alot of windows errors. I tought it was a one time failure and
didn't do anything about it. But now it happens almost every time I try
to save anything to the samba share. I started to check the log's of
smbd and found that after the freeze, just about the same time the
errors pop up in windows, windows reconnects.
If I run smbstatus the old session is still active with a Oplock on the
file that I was writing to.
I also have this in my log:

[2001/10/02 02:02:05, 0] smbd/oplock.c:request_oplock_break(997)
  request_oplock_break: no response received to oplock break request to
pid 11570 on port 1141 for dev = 29d02, inode = 32219
  for dev = 29d02, inode = 32219, tv_sec = 3bb903bb, tv_usec = 382e0

I searched a bit on the web and in the archive of this mailing-list, and
figured it might be a malfunctional network card, even tho I have never
had any other network related problems.
So I exchanged both network cards (in both the server and client) and
the same with the cables. no luck.
I later upgraded to the lates development version (that was in the ports
collection at the time) which was 2.2.1a. no change..
I then toyed around all options that I could set in smb.conf that had
anything to do with writing cache or oplock didn't notice any

I then remembered that around the time when the problems started I had a
new Motherboard and CPU installed, I had swapped a PIII 550 + asus P2B
for a Abit KA7 with an Athlon 750. I flashed the bios of the KA7 board.

Not any of these things helped, and Im starting to get desperat. Have
anyone else had problems like this? It seemd to me that all the other
people that got errors that had with oplocks only lost that session, I
loose every session open when this happens.

Thanks for any solutions or pushes in the right directions :)
Ståle Kristoffersen
chiller at chiller.be
TLF: +47 92615529

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