oplock errors and frozen programs.

Keith Warno kw at valaran.com
Mon Oct 1 18:10:03 GMT 2001

> Not any of these things helped, and Im starting to get desperat. Have
> anyone else had problems like this? It seemd to me that all the other
> people that got errors that had with oplocks only lost that session, I
> loose every session open when this happens.
> Thanks for any solutions or pushes in the right directions :)
> --
> St=E5le Kristoffersen

Yep, I see such oplock problems all too often on my networks.
Unfortunately the incidents are sporadic and not always easy to reproduce,
thus a real pain in the ass to troubleshoot.  In my case, I have a feeling
it has to do with a wireless link (Aironet) between the SMB server and
client(s); there's about 500 yards between the two and packets
occassionally drop.  It is my theory that such dropped packets (which
don't happen often) are confusing the hell out of the win2k client(s) more
so than the samba server.  :/ Althugh there are about 25 clients in the
wireless zone and only 2 seem to have problems... hmmm.  Very odd.

oplocks have been a bastard.  I can't suggest anything more other than
fiddling with the oplock-specific config parameters.  Maybe some patches
from M$ for the client will help?  highly doubtful....

I wish I had solid solutions but I, too, need a good push in the right
direction in regards to this matter.  :)


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