Introduction and question

papapep papapep at
Fri Nov 30 03:28:01 GMT 2001

First let me introduce myself to all the list. My name is Josep and I 
live near Barcelona.
This is my first message to the list (I haven't even read any), and I do 
not know if it is too easy (my question), or if perhaps it is not 
possible to do what I'm trying to do.

Well, let's begin the interesting stuff and finish all the bla-bla-bla's 
that most people hate :-D

I've got a Red Hat 7.0 server with samba and another SCO that hosts an 
informix database.
The SCO server has to print raw text to a hp5 laser printer that has a 
small printer server in its parallel port, so its got an own IP.
Is there anyway to tell send the raw  text from the SCO server to the 
Red Hat one, and that the Red Hat one prints it in the remote Hp5 printer??
I hope to have explained the situation clearly enough.
Thanks in advance for your answers, and sorry if it is an easy-stupid 

Josep Sànchez

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