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Joel Hammer Joel at
Fri Nov 30 18:36:02 GMT 2001

This seems fairly straight forward. I don't know anything about SCO servers.
They are unix?
Just make a print queue on the SCO server that sends its file to a raw queue
on the RH server. Something like this on the SCO (If it uses a printcap):
        :sd=/var/spool/lpd/rp0:\\ <-----The remote print server 
        :rp=lp:                   <-----The remote queue name 
Then, configure the RH server to use the hp5. 

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 12:26:52PM +0000, [papapep] wrote:
> First let me introduce myself to all the list. My name is Josep and I 
> live near Barcelona.
> This is my first message to the list (I haven't even read any), and I do 
> not know if it is too easy (my question), or if perhaps it is not 
> possible to do what I'm trying to do.
> Well, let's begin the interesting stuff and finish all the bla-bla-bla's 
> that most people hate :-D
> I've got a Red Hat 7.0 server with samba and another SCO that hosts an 
> informix database.
> The SCO server has to print raw text to a hp5 laser printer that has a 
> small printer server in its parallel port, so its got an own IP.
> Is there anyway to tell send the raw  text from the SCO server to the 
> Red Hat one, and that the Red Hat one prints it in the remote Hp5 printer??
> I hope to have explained the situation clearly enough.
> Thanks in advance for your answers, and sorry if it is an easy-stupid 
> question.
> Josep Sànchez
>   [papapep]
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