Windows ME Logon scripts

David Rankin drankin at
Mon Nov 19 18:03:03 GMT 2001


    There is nothing special about ME login scripts. I have Win95, Win98
& WinME all executing login scripts from the samba server and I haven't
had any problems. What version of Samba are you running? I seem to
recall a %u and %U issue in 2.2.0 but I think it was fixed in 2.2.1a and

Joseph Kezar wrote:

> I cannot seem to execute any logon %U.bat scripts.  It see's them
> because I get a black box screen and a message 'running logon
> scripts'.If the user.bat file does not exist it simply skips this
> step.  So I know it sees my bat files.  If I execute it from the
> windows ME pc after the pc is booted up it works.  The bat file is as
> follows: rem Network logon scriptnet use h: \\win\homes It has DOS
> style carraige returns at the end of each line.  It is chmod 777 and
> chown'ed to the user.It there some specific syntax with WinME logon
> scripts that I am missing.  I think I can see: Bad command or file
> name quickly flicker on my screen. I tried a batch file of
> simple:pause Which didn't do anything either.

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