Windows ME Logon scripts

Joseph Kezar jkezar at
Mon Nov 19 16:08:15 GMT 2001

I cannot seem to execute any logon %U.bat scripts.  It see's them because I get a black box screen and a message 'running logon scripts'.
If the user.bat file does not exist it simply skips this step.  So I know it sees my bat files.  If I execute it from the windows ME pc after the pc is booted up it works.  The bat file is as follows:

rem Network logon script
net use h: \\win\homes

It has DOS style carraige returns at the end of each line.  It is chmod 777 and chown'ed to the user.
It there some specific syntax with WinME logon scripts that I am missing.  I think I can see: Bad command or file name quickly flicker on my screen.

I tried a batch file of simple:

Which didn't do anything either.

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