Need some advice please.

Doug Douglass samba at
Mon Nov 19 08:07:05 GMT 2001


Try for samba 2.2.1a+LDAP. Make sure to grab
the samba.schema also. Note that there is roughly the same samba.schema in
the source for 2.2.2.

FYI, I have heard people suggest using samba-tng with its LDAP support for
authentication, and use good ole samba for file/print sharing...basically
leveraging the strengths of each version. But from all I've read on tng,
it's not ready (not intended?) for production.

The recents threads on migration did not relate to LDAP, but to migrating
from a Windows PDC to samba, and preserving things like user accounts,
roaming profiles, etc. I can't find the threads now either, but I thought
they were in Nov.

There are a few of us out here using samba with an LDAP backend and I'm
thankful to those who helped me with my questions.


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