Office 2000 Problems for users designated "Domain User"

Patrick Reid p.j.reid at
Mon Nov 19 05:25:03 GMT 2001

Well, the reality appears to be that I am an idiot.

For some reason, I seem to read "guest" as "user". When I first set up Samba
using SWAT, I read "Domain Guest group" as "Domain Users Group" and put all
users in there by default. Of course, various Word functions failed to work
for them (all those associated with personalization, expecially in the
registry). I now have most users not listed in either of those two fields by
default, and only my real admins listed in the "Domain Administrators group"
and what do you know, it all works as it should.



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Is Office/Word installed locally on each client? If so, who/what kind of
user installed Office, a local Administrator?

I've seen problems with applications (Quickbooks, for one) that read/write
to restricted parts of the Registry. If the current user is either in the
local "Users" group or the "Domain Users" group, these operations fail.

Instead of having all users be "Domain Admins" (very bad idea!!!), what we
did was add the group "Domain Users" to the local "Power Users" group on
each client. The errant applications have worked fine since.

We have a small network, so going to each client and modifying the groups
wasn't a big deal. If you have a lot of clients, you may be able to resolve
the issue centrally via policies, but I'm not certain.


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> I am running Samba 2.2.2 on Redhat 7.2, with the kernel upgraded
> to 2.4.10.
> At the moment, all of my Samba users have to be listed as "Domain
> Admins" in
> order for Word to work. If they are set up as "Domain Users", every Word
> won't start. I found an MS KB article which suggested changing
> some options
> in the administrative tools, but it did not entirely fix the problem. Can
> anyone help me with this? I don't want to give all of my users
> admin rights
> on their local machines.
> Patrick
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