Still trouble with A4 document defaults (2.2.2)

Christopher Odenbach odenbach at
Fri Nov 16 00:00:05 GMT 2001


I am still having trouble with samba 2.2.2 serving printer drivers
to NT workstations. The driver files work, but the printer settings
are translated wrong!

I can install the printer driver on th samba server (in the way mentioned
in the HowTo - yes, I read it), then I set the driver to paper size "A4".

After that I set the document defaults also to "A4". These settings are
certainly saved, as I can logout and come back again to find them the
way I left.

BUT: When I start an application (such as Netscape) and try to print a
page, the driver shows me as page size "A4 small" or even worse "Letter"
or "Legal". In the latter two cases the printer does not print anything
but puts the notice on to the display "Please insert 'Letter' paper" - 
what I haven't got and don't want to.

There have been quite a lot of people on this list who mentioned exactly
the same problem, but up to now there has not been any real solution.
The problem seems to occur only with paper size A4.

If I can provide any more helpful information, please let me know. This
is getting on my nerves.



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