Fuuny files after deletion

Daniel Tan danieltan at shopnsave.com.sg
Fri Nov 16 00:07:15 GMT 2001

Hi all, i just created a new share for all users to map to on my samba
server. when i try to delete a file from the shared folder, another new file
will be created automactically. the file looks like this ".nfsDCBF" it is
exactly the same size as my deleted file. it seems like it is making a copy
of it. my config is as below.

my other shares don't have such a problem

using samba 2.0.0

path = /common
read only = no
public = yes
writable = yes
browseable =yes


          Daniel Tan
          7469188 Ext.652
          MIS Department
          Shop N Save Pte Ltd

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