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Hello  Samba Team
       Now I study Information Technology at King
Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi <In bangkok
,Thailand>.My project is control printer with samba
server. I would like you to help me ,please. I would
like to know about samba.  How many module of samba?
How work of each module  samba?  Because I must be
doing project finish about samba server and next 7
days I will send my project. I do my project concern
with server and I use samba for server. The project
that develop the samba and add some function such as
keep statistics for each user that order to print ,
billing for each user etc. I would like to know what
is the module that the function of my project suit

Thank you for your attention.
<I would like to appologize because I am not good in
english language>

I look forward to receive your e-mail as soon as
possible. Good Bye.

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