Samba-Win200 login/password issue

Ismet Dere ismet at
Wed Nov 14 20:12:03 GMT 2001

I think this question been asked/answered before, but please forgive me for

I have Samba server on RH7.2 Linux and Win98/2000 workstations setup.

both win98/2000 workstations connects to same samba share, Linux(samba
server) user and Win98/2000 user/passwords are set same and i've updated
both of win98/2000 workstations registy with win98/win2000_PlainPasswor.reg
file from samba website.

When  I login to Win98 it also login to the samba shared folder automaticaly
and smoothly, but when I login to Win2000 it asks for samba password
seperate from win2000 login/password, so far i'm not sure why.

i apreciate any help from you.

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