Unable to add a second user

Mark Raynes mraynes at husky.bloomu.edu
Wed Nov 14 12:57:02 GMT 2001

Hello everyone!

I'm a brand new user to Samba.
I've installed the 64-bit version on a Sun E-450,
running Solaris 8.

I had no trouble getting the software installed and
running, but I can't add any additional users. The first
user I added, myself, works fine. I have mounted 2 different
shares. However, I can't add any other users.
My procedure for adding users is to:
1) use the admintool user to add a new Unix user account
2) cat /etc/passwd | mksmbpasswd.sh > ......
     (as per the LanMan and NT Password Encryption in Samba 2.x)
3) Go into swat and add the users as valid users of the share.

To test the new id, I enter
./smbclient -L oracledbs1 -U cmark
What I get back, after I enter the password,  is :
session startup failed : erssrv - errbadpw (bad password - name/password pair
in a tree connect or session setup

I don't get this error when I enter my own userid and password.
Also, if I don't enter a bad password for any valid id, I can
see the list of available shares.

What am I missing that will allow me to add users to mount
a share from Windows2000

Mark Raynes
Database Administrator
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Bloomsburg University
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