Unencrypted passwords -> Encrypted passwords: can't revert WinNT4 to use encrypted passwords

cdeangel at on.com cdeangel at on.com
Tue Nov 13 13:34:03 GMT 2001


I'd be very grateful if anyone could share their ideas on this problem.  The
situation is this:

I have a Solaris 8 machine running Samba 2.2.1a.  The global configuration has
"security = USER" and originally had "encrypt passwords = NO".  I was able to
map drives to shares on this machine from my WinNT 4 SP 5 workstation when I set
the registry key advised by the documentation (i.e.,
"EnablePlainTextPasswords").  For another application, I needed to switch to
encrypted passwords in Samba.  So I then created the appropriate SMB passwords
using "smbpasswd" and everything seems fine on the Solaris machine right now.
Back on the Windows machine, I deleted the aforementioned registry key,
rebooted, and simply cannot map a drive to this machine from now on.  I don't
even get prompted for a different user name and password, I only get this error

"The network name cannot be found."

(accompanied by this text if I run a "net use" command in a Windows prompt
instead of using the GUI: "System error 67 has occurred.").

Of course this error message would lead me to believe it's more of a netbios
problem, but it doesn't make sense that all of a sudden I'm having a more basic
connectivity problem.

Meanwhile, if I go to a "virgin" NT 4 SP 5 machine on the same subnet as my NT
machine (i.e., one where the registry was not touched, at least for this Rdr
service parameter), I can map a drive just fine using the appropriate username
and password.  It seems that my Win NT machine now has this plain text password
setting locked into the kernel or something.  Another piece of info: using the
troubled WinNT machine to map a drive to another Unix machine still using
unencrypted Samba passwords is still working even after having deleted that
registry key.

Is there anything anybody can think of short of "format C:" that could get me
out of this mess?  Thanks in advance -

- Chris
Chris De Angelis
cdeangel at on.com

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