Unencrypted passwords -> Encrypted passwords: can't revert WinNT4 to use encrypted passwords

Nick Pietraniec Npietran at umich.edu
Tue Nov 13 13:43:04 GMT 2001

I know it sounds stupid...  But if it's an NT system problem, I'd first 
try re-installing the service pack.  Shouldn't hurt anything either way 


cdeangel at on.com wrote:

> Hello,
> I'd be very grateful if anyone could share their ideas on this problem.  The
> situation is this:
> I have a Solaris 8 machine running Samba 2.2.1a.  The global configuration has
> "security = USER" and originally had "encrypt passwords = NO".  I was able to
> map drives to shares on this machine from my WinNT 4 SP 5 workstation when I set
> the registry key advised by the documentation (i.e.,
> "EnablePlainTextPasswords").  For another application, I needed to switch to
> encrypted passwords in Samba.  So I then created the appropriate SMB passwords
> using "smbpasswd" and everything seems fine on the Solaris machine right now.
> Back on the Windows machine, I deleted the aforementioned registry key,
> rebooted, and simply cannot map a drive to this machine from now on.  I don't
> even get prompted for a different user name and password, I only get this error
> message:
> "The network name cannot be found."
> (accompanied by this text if I run a "net use" command in a Windows prompt
> instead of using the GUI: "System error 67 has occurred.").
> Of course this error message would lead me to believe it's more of a netbios
> problem, but it doesn't make sense that all of a sudden I'm having a more basic
> connectivity problem.
> Meanwhile, if I go to a "virgin" NT 4 SP 5 machine on the same subnet as my NT
> machine (i.e., one where the registry was not touched, at least for this Rdr
> service parameter), I can map a drive just fine using the appropriate username
> and password.  It seems that my Win NT machine now has this plain text password
> setting locked into the kernel or something.  Another piece of info: using the
> troubled WinNT machine to map a drive to another Unix machine still using
> unencrypted Samba passwords is still working even after having deleted that
> registry key.
> Is there anything anybody can think of short of "format C:" that could get me
> out of this mess?  Thanks in advance -
> - Chris
> --
> Chris De Angelis
> cdeangel at on.com

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