Give a group of users write access to one subdirectory

Richard Smart rsmart at
Sun Nov 11 02:52:02 GMT 2001

There are two ways you could do this, 

1. Create a new share which is Writeable under both Linux and Samba for the
single directory that requires access. Map this share to a different drive
letter. This may be a pin if there are any other files that you wish to

2. Make the Samba share writeable, but make the files read-only at linux
level for the users. Samba will honour the Linux directory and file
permissions (ie it applies the strictest permissions from Samba or Linux).
Then the directory/files that need to be written to can be made RW under


Richard Smart

At 00:01 11/11/01 +0100, you wrote:
>I have Samba working on an elementary school and the children has only read 
>access to some mountpoints.
>They are all member of a group which has write access at Unix level but the 
>have only read access at samba level (2.2.1a).
>Now there is a program that needs to write in a license file when a child 
>start it.
>So how do I configure samba so that they have write access only to a
>P: is mapped to \usr1\onderbw and the samba rights are read.
>The directory they have to write  is 
>-- Running Redhat 7
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