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Marek.Feszczuk at siemens.pl Marek.Feszczuk at siemens.pl
Sun Nov 11 01:31:08 GMT 2001


You should be root if you want to change settings. Log in swat as root and
try again.


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Od: brian r [mailto:randomaccess at canada-11.com]
Wysłano: 11 listopada 2001 09:15
Do: samba mailing list
Temat: swat options

New to Samba.  I have it working correctly with clients from Linux and W2000
workstations.  However, SWAT only shows the links for "VIEW", "Passwords",
"Configuration?"--no "Global".  In other words, I can view my configuration
but I cannot set-up or change settings, shares, etc.

Samba 2.2
Debian 2.2r3 
Using webmin for everything but Samba because I like SWAT's layout and links
to help for each setting.


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