trusth realtions between samba PDC and NT PDC

Ariel Mella ariel at
Tue Nov 6 04:07:14 GMT 2001

> In samba 2.2.2 you have an configuration option like
> "Allow trusted Doamin" make it "yes" preferibliy
> through SWAT. Which should solve your problem.
ok. i set this option to yes in the smb.conf.... and then what... how i tell
in what domains i trust?? another person respond me that is imposible to do
trust relations at the moment with samba...
and .. why are you telling me that do that from SWAT??? i can´t find a rason
to change my smb.conf from SWAT..

> > in the samba PDC there are around 800 users.. in the
> > NT PDC there are aroun
> > 400 users..
> > i want my user to can use the shares of the NT and
> > the shares of the clients
> > of the NT..
> > in Microsoft terms this is called Trusth
> > relationship..
> > how can i do this with samba?
> > thx!
> >
> >
> >

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