Samba faster than Windows 2000 on identical hardware.

Sean Elble S_Elble at
Mon Nov 5 19:41:41 GMT 2001

The most interesting part of that test (in the magazine anyway . . .
cancelled my subsciption :-)) is that they _insisted_ on turning oplocks off
on Samba for one test, and leaving them on Windows 2000, just to see if they
could get their "favorite product" to win the competition . . . uh, no. :-)
In all honesty, that magazine has to be the most biased magazine towards
Windows that I have ever read in my life . . . when a product like Samba
wins against Windows 2000 in PC Magazine, I'm pretty damn impressed. Great
job Samba team!

Sean P. Elble
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> This page (of a much longer story) might be interesting :
> Netbench results show Samba 2.2 faster than Windows 2000 in
> all cases on the same hardware (up to 1GHz processor with 512Mb ram).
> Regards,
> Jeremy Allison,
> Samba Team.
> PS. Yes I know, lies, damn lies & benchmarks etc.... :-).
> PPS. I wonder if any of the Samba vendors might like to
> reproduce these results :-) :-).
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