printing with Apple printer driver and ghostscript filter prints final garbage page

Bernd Prager bprager at
Mon Nov 5 12:05:24 GMT 2001


(now my second problem):

I configured AFPL Ghostscript 7.00 as print filter to my HPDJ640C on Linux RedHat 
kernel 2.4.12 and use Samba 2.2.0 to access the printer from Win2K.
On the Win site I tried several driver (currently Apple Color LW 12/660 PS)
but every configuration prints in addition to the correct content an additional
finale page like this:
------------- snip ----------------------------
%%[Page:  1]%%
                          %%[Page:  2]%%
------------- snip ----------------------------
Printing on the Linux side works fine. So I guess it is either
a Samba or a Windows printer driver thing.

Any ideas what I can do?
Thanks a lot,
-- Bernd
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