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Hello Brad,
I have seen this on many of the 2.2.x versions out there when run on HP-UX.
There were some .tdb corruption issues (partly because of mmap
implementation on HP-UX,
partly because of some issues with the tdb code itself).  AFAIK, these
issues have 
been addressed with the latest release version of Samba, which is 2.2.2.
Please see if you can reproduce with this version.
Good Luck,

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I am running HPUX 11.0 with SAMBA connected to an NT network.  The system is
configured to validate against the network and this appears to be working
great, but we are having a problem with the number of connections.  We are
trying to migrate 200 users over to the system, but during certain times we
get the following error message when trying to connect to the mapped network

Microsoft Windows Network:  No more connections can be made to this remote
computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the
computer can accept.  This connection has not been restored.

Can anyone tell me why we are getting this message and if there is a
parameter that I can change in order to make this error messages stop
appearing?  When the messages appears no one can map to our UNIX server and
we must restart the SAMBA processes in order to get connected.

Please help!!

Brad M. Garrott
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Global Information Services
The Timken Corporation
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