Access to string file owner names

Gregor N. Purdy gregor at
Mon Nov 5 08:34:03 GMT 2001

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I'd like to be able to do an 'ls -l' in smbclient and have the user
name show up as it is on the server, but when I look through the code
it looks like libsmbclient is already doing mapping to *nix-style
stat structures, which use uid_ts (ints). I've been rooting around in
the code a bit trying to understand enough to see if I could get
string-oriented owner info, but I haven't yet seen a clear signal that
I can do it.

I'd really like to wrap libsmbclient up in a nice Perl (Inline::C)
wrapper so I can log onto SMB shares and walk their trees from Perl,
but its not worth the time if I can't get this extra info (since I
can quite easily mount the filesystem and walk it that way if I don't
care about the true owner info).

Anyway, if there's some sort of native SMB notion of file stat info
that contains the *server's* notion of the user name, and that info
could be made available via libsmbclient, I think I'd be in business.


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