Two samba servers running in the same network

Daniel William Schultz danws at
Mon Nov 5 08:37:14 GMT 2001

Hi all!

I have a little doubt, and hope that someone can answer me...

Let's take the example.

I have one master samba, where all my users logs in.

And how can I solve the problem if there is a case like that:

Two samba servers.
One use called "johndoe"
One is the master, the other server is a kind of slave...
The user johndoe will try to athenticate on the master samba server.
And if he does not have an account in the primary samba server, but 
he has an account on the second ?
There is a way to do that ? ( johndoe try to athenticate on the 
master samba server, it fails, and he try on the second, and logs. )

Sorry for the poor english.


Daniel William Schultz

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