Samba 2.2.2, Outlook 2000 and Act!2000 problems

Jurjen Oskam jurjen at
Mon Nov 5 03:23:04 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I've searched the archives about my problem and I did find some things,
but I didn't find a solution

I'm running Samba 2.2.2 on an i386 Linux 2.2.19 machine. Samba is the
PDC for several Windows 2000 clients. In general, everything seems
to work fine, except two applications.

Each user has his own U: share. Outlook 2000 accesses a .PST file in
that share. It works fine, but when Outlook is left alone for a while,
it can't access that file anymore and complains. When Outlook is
immediately restarted, everything works again for a while.

Another application, Act!2000, seems to have a similar problem. I am not
really familiar with the inner workings of Act!2000 though. When first
run, Act!2000 works fine. (It also accesses a database on a Samba share).
After a while, when Act wants to access a file, it crashes. Nothing shows
up in the smbd log (level 2) when this happens. After a restart, it works
for a while.

The really strange thing is that these file are located on the Samba
shares for about two weeks now, without problems. During that time,
Samba didn't act as PDC, but there was a Windows NT4 Server that was
used for user authentication (security=domain, password server=NTSERVER).

This weekend, the NT server was shut down, and Samba was changed to be the
PDC.[1] This worked fine, but now Outlook and Act!2000 are acting up,
although their files were already located on the Samba server and worked

If anybody can help me with this, I'd be most grateful.

[1] This meant that each workstation was removed from the NT-domain and
later joined to the Samba-domain, and new users were created. This wasn't
a large problem, because all files were already on the Samba server and
so were readily available to the 'new' users.
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