One more Time.

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at
Sun Nov 4 18:59:02 GMT 2001

On 2 Nov 2001, Ed Mann wrote:

> Okay, all i want is it does not work, or it does work and you are doing
> something wrong.
> I have my samba server setup and running 2.2.2 with
> linux-2.2.5_SGI_XFS_1.0.1. I am also using winbind, and it is great. If
> I can get this last bit to work I will upgrade allot of my servers.
> 1. I create a folder on the samba server and make the Domain
> Administrator owner and Domain Admins the group. Both groups have full
> control over this directory. 3776 is what the directory is set to.
> 2. Log into NT machine as Administrator and check the ACL's one the
> file. Just the basic ones. So I go and add some groups and users to the
> file. All works well. Cool! ( I really do like this).
> 3. Log out of NT machine and back in as user Ed. Now Ed is in Domain
> Admins group and should be able to change rights on the folder. So I go
> look at the ACL's for the folder and I can see the changes that I made
> as Administrator. So I click on remove to get a few users out and click
> ok, but an error will return telling me Access Denied! Do you wish to
> continue?
> So my question is what am I doing wrong here?

Only the owner of a file (or root) can change the ACLs/permissions on a file.

Yours Tony.

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