share between different workgroups

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Sun Nov 4 18:24:01 GMT 2001

My company network config:
## Workgroup a, b, c (windows based), and d (novell)

Now I added a workgroup e (linux samba), and want to
make all the machines under different workgroups share
the files or printers when necessary. So I setup a
RH7.1 with NAT implemented by iptables so that the
machnies under this server can use 192.168.0.x (win9x
machines) to access the network. Yet the other
machines (win9x) under other workgroups are using real
IP at the moment.
Problem: now, the machines with real IP can see the
linux in the network neighbourhood and the 192.168.0.x
whereas CANNOT get access to the shared folders....pls

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