Samba and Win98 dail up connection

Oliver Six o.six at
Sun Nov 4 08:48:02 GMT 2001

"Tamu Green" <tamu at> wrote on 03.11.2001 02:16:27:

>I have a home network with my dial up connection on the windows 98 machine.
>Since I have installed SAMBA and configured the computers to see each 
>other, I can no longer pull up a website on the windows 98 machine.  The 
>problem is that I have assigned a permanent IP address for the Intranet.  
>I have to use DHCP for the dail up connection.  Therefore the IP address 
>that I assign to Windows machine for samba does not work with the dail up 
>connection account. If I have not confused anyone, what should I do?
Hi Tamu,

try to set "use default gateway in remote network" (retranslated from 
german win, may differ) on the win box. 

Ciao Oliver
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