Win2k Roaming Profiles problems under NTFS

Noel Kelly noel at
Sat Nov 3 10:16:39 GMT 2001

This behaviour sounds like Windoze 2000 Workstation WITHOUT Service Pack 1
or 2 installed.  There is a bug in Win2000 whereby the NTUSER.DAT file is
not released by the OS until a reboot is performed.  Hence the reason you
cannot delete the profiles from the workstation and hence the reason the
profile never gets copied to the server.

We had huge trouble with this for about six months - people had tens of
profiles on their machines .001, .002 etc.  We blamed Novell and their
client but then, surprise, surprise, it was M$ as per normal.  What a
monumental waste of time.

Load the service pack and profiles will copy successfully.


Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 10:30:20 +0100 (CET)

Subject: Win2k Roaming Profiles problems under NTFS

From: "OenusTech" <oenustech at>

To: <samba-ntdom at>, <samba at>

Hi there!

I have a Samba 2.2.2 PDC on linux 2.4.13 with ACL ( support

installed. There seems to be a problem with Roaming Profiles. Win2k with

local NTFS filesystem will never delete roaming profiles (yes, I have

regedited the DeleteRoamingCache to 1). In fact, any time TheUser logs back

in, a new folder named TheUser.OURDOMAIN.??? (where ? is an integer) will

be created, duplicating the files never erased before. That DOESN´T happen

if the Win2k client has a FAT32 filesystem (user/group permissions do not

exist), so I assumed it might be a permissions problem (in fact, I,

Administrator, cannot delete these profiles unless I waste 10 minutes

changing the set-by-the-system permissions for those profiles). At the

begining, I thought that might a problem for not having ACL support in the

server, for not being able to save the original profile´s permissions as

created by Win2k the first time, but now I do have it, ACL works perfect,

but this odd behavior continues.

Has anyone else here experienced this? Does anyone know of a solution?


Ignasi Garcia

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