Solaris8 (Intel) smbtar command to F:

Bill Schoolcraft bill at
Thu Nov 1 12:43:02 GMT 2001

At Thu, 1 Nov 2001 it looks like Alexandre Salome composed:

alexan->Good Morning Bill,
alexan->I would like to know, if smbtar work with win98? because, I can wor=
k with
alexan->win2000 but don=B4t work with win98.
alexan->If Yes, What do I do for this?

Thanks for the vote of confidence in me but as soon as I can "pluck"
3 jpg's from the F:\PHOTOS directory into my Solaris-8 (Intel) box
using "smbtar" you'll be the first to know.

From=20inside Win2000 I can "drag-n-drop" my ass off from Win2000 to
Solaris via the filemanger (windows_explorer) but being remotely
logged into Solaris and trying to pull 3 files via "smbtar" is not
reaping any dividends.

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