Install a Windows app on a fileserver?

Michael D. Crawford crawford at
Fri Mar 30 16:32:59 GMT 2001

I have a samba fileserver running on Linux.  I have a dual-boot NT & 98 machine
that I want to use an application on that does not have a lot of hard disk space
left on it.  I would like to install the application on the fileserver.  Is
there anything special I need to do?

The problem with installing on Windows is that one needs to use an installer
program to get the Start menu and registry entries set.  One can make a shortcut
for the start menu manually, but this program has a lot of registry entries, and
I don't know if it will make them when it starts up or expect to have had that
done by the installer.

I have been able to install applications on a hard disk on a dual boot machine
this way: install it on the C: drive from one operating system, then install it
in the exact same location from the other operating system.  The installer
overwrites its own files, but if you're lucky and the installation process
doesn't put any OS-dependent files in the program folder, it generally works.

I guess part of my problem is I don't know how to make the fileserver volume
come up at a fixed drive letter in both operating systems.

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