driver upload problem with samba 2.2.0_alpha3

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Mar 30 15:27:06 GMT 2001

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001 05:47:18 Andrew Artemyev wrote:
> But when i try to upload more than one driver for printers samba
> writes to log:
> [2001/03/30 13:30:18, 0]
> printing/nt_printing.c:move_driver_to_download_area(1178)
>   move_driver_to_download_area: Unable to rename 
>   [WIN40/hpblgbe.drv] to [WIN40/0/hpblgbe.drv]
> and then if i try to download driver to workstation, samba 
> says that driver is not instaled
> Samba cvs version, last night update.
> Imprints ver 0.0.9
> printer drivers:
>     HP 5000 PCL6
>     HP 1100
>     HP 4l PCL5e

I added a --debug option to the
script in imprints.  It will print a lot more information
to stderr.  Grab the imprints-0.0.9b package (I still need 
to rewrite the man page I think).

Run this 

$ --verbose --debug \
> 'HP 5000 PCL6' 2> /tmp/imprints.debug

(or however you've been telling the client where the 
package is) and send me the imprints.debug file
and all the messages printed on stdout.

Hopefully this will give you some more information on what 
is going on

Cheers, jerry
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