Samba - Windows 2000 Client Speed

Bob Kruger bkruger at
Fri Mar 30 02:02:31 GMT 2001

I've been running Samba v 2.07 for over a year on a small sub network
with excellent results.  Win NT 4.0, Win 98, and Win 95 machines all
connected properly, and transfer speeds and reaction time is quite good.

One of the Win NT machines was just upgraded to run Windows 2000.  The
connectivity still works, but I noticed a severe degredation in transfer
speeds to and from the Windows 2000 client.  There is also a signifigant
delay, sometimes over 10 seconds, when clicking on a share or a folder
inside of a share on the Win 2000 client.  The Win 98 and NT 4.0 clients
are still quite fast.

Additional Specs are:

Kernel 2.4.2
Distribution - Slackware v 7.1
Small Class C subnetwork with a total of six clients.

Are there any hints or tricks to making Samba respond faster to the Win
2000 machine, or the Win2000 machine respond to the Samba server?

Regards - Bob Kruger

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