workaround for full disk corruption problem

Marc Jacobsen Marc_Jacobsen at
Thu Mar 29 17:19:46 GMT 2001

Hi all,

There was a known problem where in certain circumstances a Windows NT client
would ignore an error that Samba returned with disastrous consequences.  We at
HP tried to get a fix from Microsoft, and ended up with a workaround.  Microsoft
documented this workaround in the following knowledge base article:

MS even admitted that "Windows NT might not catch an error message that is sent
near the end of the write operation."  In other words, they admitted that
Windows NT was the cause of the problem, not Samba.

At the same time we found that by returning an NT error code instead of an SMB
error code, we could fix the problem from the Samba side.  We will be submitting
that patch also.  Since it may be a while before that patch becomes part of a
stable release we thought people would want to know about this workaround,

-Marc Jacobsen

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