Samba security risks documentation

Cristiano Malanga Breuel (Engenharia SPO) cristiano at
Thu Mar 29 16:20:40 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I'm working in a project of a web site that runs on a Solaris machine, but
there is also a Win2000 machine that needs access to the web server's
filesystem (just to the htdocs directory, actually). That's a perfect
situation for using Samba (on the Solaris server), but the problem is that
the network administrator is reluctant to adopt it because he fears security
risks for his network.

What I need is some kind of article or documentation to convince him that
it's safe to use Samba in this manner. I would appreciate any help, since I
cound't find anything useful just by searching the web.

An important detail is that the two servers (Solaris and Win2k) will be
isolated from the rest of the network by a firewall.

Thanks in advance,


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