Samba Printing to Win98

rory o'connor rory at
Thu Mar 29 00:58:02 GMT 2001

I am trying to allow printing from my linux box to my win98 box, to which my
epson stylus printer is attached.  It's just not happening...something tells me
I'm flirting with a world of pain.

I *can* print a file by going:

smbclient //rory/EPSON
print /etc/group

but I cannot print from applications, nor can i use smbprint.  I tried going:

cat /etc/passwd | sh -x smbprint   

but this is the output I get:

+ logfile=/dev/null
+ eval acct_file=${0}
++ acct_file=smbprint
++ dirname smbprint
+ spool_dir=.
+ config_file=./.config
++ cat ./.config
cat: ./.config: No such file or directory
+ eval
+ echo server , service
+ /usr/bin/smbclient /// -U -N -P
+ echo print -
+ cat   

doesn't look right.  if anyone's interested in helping, have a look at my
printcap file:

epson|epson stylus photo 1200:\



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